These are the questions our customers are the most interested in. We`ve gathered all the answers to them here for everyone to read.

  • What is the initial personal statement package?

    The goal of this package is to ensure that you have a personal statement essay that is well-written, engaging, and will hold the attention of your readers. The process is as follows:
    You will receive a personal consultant who will either call or Skype with you, gathering as much information about your schooling, your grades, your interests, hobbies, experiences, etc. Based on that, your consultant may recommend which essay prompt would be best suited for you.
    Your consultant will prepare a detailed outline for your essay – one that establishes a logical, fluent flow for the piece. S/he may also suggest a thesis statement/idea.
    You will write the essay and send it back for your consultant to review. Any recommendations for changes will be sent back to you, and it will be proofread so that grammar errors are fixed.

  • Do you write essays?

    The short answer is no, we don’t. Why? Because writing your own essay means that you have put some thought into who you are and what your goals are. And it needs to “sound” like you as much as possible.

    What your expert will do is review your essay and suggest structural changes, improvements in transitions, etc. that will make your essay flow well and that will keep your audience engaged. It is up to you to make those changes.

  • What options do I have for the Types of College Admissions help I can get?

    We have a catalog of packages that you can order. This is probably the most cost-effective deal if you think you are going to want help beyond just your essay. For example, we can evaluate your credentials and match them with the best prospective schools; we can review your Common Application or individual school application and ensure that everything is written well. 

    You can also order any individual piece of help and pay an hourly rate. And you can request that your consultant submits detailed amounts of time spent on anything you have ordered.

    In both cases, you will either have a firm price or at least an estimated price before you make a decision to place your order.

  • What kind of a turnaround can I expect?

    We have a guaranteed turnaround of two business days for any order we fulfil. However, we also have a “Rush” option with one business day turnaround. If you are facing a really tight deadline, you might want to consider the Rush Package.

  • What if I am not satisfied with the results of your work?

    We have a process by which our clients can register their dissatisfaction with the results of their orders. And our clients may always request a new consultant, if they are unhappy with the assigned one.

    In terms of requesting a refund, we have a refund policy, and we urge you to review it carefully.

  • If I purchase a full package, will it cover additional school applications and essays that I will have?

    In short, no. Each package is for a specific service. You can order an initial package that includes a full evaluation and consultation regarding the school that will be a match for you. Other packages that include polishing up your application materials and full help with your essay(s) are for one application only.

  • Can I buy a package for one service and then add other individual services on an hourly basis?

    Of course, you can, and many students do just that. For example, if you are using the Common Application and are submitting the same essay for that application, then you will not need to have any additional help with that essay. But you may still want additional help with specific application materials for a specific school. These can be ordered on an hourly pay basis.

  • Why should I choose your service over others?

    The most important reason is our personalization of the services you receive. You will receive a personal consultant who works directly with you, who speaks with you via phone and/or Skype, who will continue to call you for information or clarification, and who will keep working with you until you are satisfied with the results. We do not use automation or templates as other services do.


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