Read more about the procedure we stick to at Academode to make sure you get the best results every time.

As competitive as it is to get into good “B” schools, you will want to be certain that you have done all that you can to present your best self. We can help you with that.

Before You Submit Application Packages

  • An MBA admissions consultant will review all of your materials, your preferences for schools, and the admissions criteria of those schools.

  • Your consultant will generate a list that matches your preferences, background, and the best program prospects.

  • The list will be prioritized so you know the best place to begin.

During the Application Process

  • Your consultant will review your application package and make suggestions to improve your overall presentation.

  • Your package will also be reviewed to ensure that it is complete and includes every detail of what is expected.

  • An English expert will review your essays, making recommendations for you to consider for improvement.

  • Your essays will be proofread, and all grammar and punctuation errors will be fixed.

You can count on our experts to ensure that your application packages are stunning and polished.