Hesitating if you`ve completed your сollege application right? Or just need somebody`s advice on one of the documents? That`s what our service for. We provide help with particular elements or at a certain stage of application. Have a look at the list of offers below and find what you want to order:

Target schools review We suggest on the target schools list (2-3 schools per item) based on your credentials and personal preferences. Alternatively, we compare your chosen universities and give you an overview.
Interview preparation A 20-30 minutes mock interview covering the most apparent questions for your CV is offered. You will practice in giving strong answers to difficult questions, using the guidance of an expert interviewer.
Essay strategy Receive guidance on how to start your application essay, what to highlight and how to finish so you will get remembered.
Resume/CV We will give you a friendly critique and help to write and polish off your CV to show exactly why you are good enough to set the stage for a successful application.
Letter of recommendation We will advise on your recommendation letters (2 items per package) to ensure they provide specific details about your work experience and personal traits.
Final application review Get a detailed analysis of your application for how well all the data portion matches each other and to the university expectations. You will be sent feedback with recommendations on refining.
Document editing One of our experts will help you to edit your application materials for sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and word choice.
Waitlist strategy Get an insight into a school waitlist policy ground rules and create a step-by-step plan to address soft spots in your candidacy with our help.
Rejection review We will go through your entire application process and give a commentary on what requires special consideration for success in the next campaign.