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Our company has been around for some time and gained enough experience to help applicants from all walks of life to become students. We work with experts who are well aware of all the possible pitfalls you might face when applying to college. And what is more important. They know how to avoid these pitfalls.

Not sure about the structure of your essay? Cannot decide what to include in the CV? Need editing or proofreading? We can provide you with assistance no matter what is the obstacle on your way to college you`re currently stying to overcome.

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There`s nothing we are prouder of than our experts. These are college professors, PhDs, admission committee members and dedicated academic professionals who put their heart and soul into what they do. We`d love to introduce them to you.

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Dennis Butler College Admissions Consultant Contact me +

Dennis is one of our resident experts on the admissions requirements. He helps students narrow their lists of choices based upon their qualifications, fields of studies, and school requirements.

Abigail Scott Medical School Admissions Consultant Contact me +

For years, Abigail`s worked as a program advisor at a large state university and participated on admissions committees that made those critical decisions about acceptance, rejection, and waitlisting.

Charles Moreland MBA Admissions Consultant Contact me +

Charles Moreland attended a well-respected school on the West Coast and received his degree in English Literature. Later, he obtained a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Literature.

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Decided to get my MBA in the US but couldn`t choose a school. So I just googled, found academode and placed an order as the company looked trustworthy. What they did for me? They asked about my career goals and backgroudn and subjects I wanted to study. I also had a very specific requirement for the local community which should preferably be other Saudi students. Sandra gave her recommendations and helped me pick the most suitable school for me. She also offered a strategy on application package and documents. So, the service was friendly and helpful and wasn`t too expensive.

Worked with Sandra Barton Applied to MBA

My daughter Jessica has been dreaming of becoming a doctor since primary school as the whole our family are cardiologists. Now, her dream is much closer thanks to Academode. We first hesitated because of the price but then decided to order a comprehensive package which includes assistance at literally every step of the admission process. Abigail helped my daughter polish her essay (Jessica didn`t feel that confident about her writing). She also suggested a great (effective and not tiresome) strategy on how to prepare for the interview. Jess was accepted at first attempt without getting waitlisted. Also, our consultant was always supportive and friendly and easy-going. Great to know that your kid is getting the best.

Worked with Abigail Scott Applied to Medical School

My big worries were the short answer questions on the Common Application and my essay. I’m just not that good writer. But my consultant reviewed all of this and made suggestions. Then, an editor cleaned up my grammar and composition. I know that all of this helped me get admitted. So happy.

Worked with Debbie Wood Applied to College

Academode team has done a great job! They helped my son with writing an admission essay for Cornell University. He has all the ability it takes to get there and I turned to Academode aiming to somewhat relieve his stress. The tutor we got definitely knows his job. He showed exceptional writing and communicating skills and guided my son through the writing process. I liked that he only gave recommendations in a soft, advisory manner, son had to do everything on his own, nothing was done on his part. They spent much time discussing different options for each part of the essay and if it would really be beneficial to include, and once or twice son’s suggestions were turned down with an advice “to take more time and try to look at the matter from a different perspective.”

Worked with Harold Scott Applied to GRAD School

My dream has always been to attend law school at UC Berkeley. Thanks to you guys, I was able to put together an impressive application package. I start in the fall!

Worked with Margaret Nelson Applied to Law School

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Still not sure how we work? Read the most frequently asked questions about our company

Here we`ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about our company and the services we provide to students. Check them out and let us know if you have any other questions concerning our work.

  • Who works for AcadeMode?

    When you order our services, we will match you with a consultant who is best qualified to help you achieve your goals. Our consultants have all worked in various areas of academics and admissions. We have several, former admissions counselors, deans of admission and associate deans of admissions from many, competitive schools. In addition to this, several of these consultants specialize in helping students wishing to obtain post-professional degrees.

  • What services do you provide?

    We provide students with a variety of services to help them get into competitive university and graduate programs. This includes helping students create an admissions strategy, admissions essay assistance, essay editing and proofreading, waitlist services, rejection services, letters of recommendation, and more. Most importantly, students receive guidance and feedback from people who understand the admissions process.

  • Is it worth it?

    Competitive athletics and elite academics have a lot in common. In sports, the difference between first and second place can be just a fraction of a second. In academics, the difference between landing a spot at a prestigious university and receiving a letter of rejection can be something equally as small. To guarantee your success, you have to do everything right. You must stand out! We help you do that.

  • Will you write my admissions essays?

    Absolutely not. We do not do anything that would be considered unethical. You are expected to write your essay. However, your consultant will work with you on topic ideas. They will also help you to determine the experiences and character traits that you should highlight in your essay. Finally, we will help you by providing proofreading and editing assistance.

  • How do I pay?

    We have worked hard to set up payment methods that are convenient, flexible, and safe. We accept all standard methods of payment including PayPal. In addition to this, our packages provide you with the option of paying a flat rate or purchasing our services on an hourly basis. Contact us for more information on the specific assistance you require.

  • What about Ivy League?

    While we cannot guarantee admission into an Ivy League school, or other institution, we have helped many excellent students apply successfully to schools in the ivy league. We can help you with all aspects of the application process, in order to boost your chance of gaining acceptance to the most prestigious universities across the land.