These are the experts that can help you get to the college you`re dreaming of. Check out their stories before Academode.

Dennis Harris Dennis Harris Contact the expert

Dennis is a retired law school professor who helps our aspirants with school choices and applications. He makes recommendations for programs based upon the client’s background, academic record, and test scores.

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Scott Peterson Scott Peterson Contact the expert

Some people study law. Scott studies law schools. In fact, he used to be one of our clients in good old times. Thanks to this, he is a scrupulous “go-to” advisor for any student seeking law school admission.

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Candace Green Candace Green Contact the expert

Candace has been a professor of English Composition at the university level for years. In addition to her classroom teaching, she also provides students with additional help as a volunteer in the writing lab.

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Margaret Nelson Margaret Nelson Contact the expert

Margaret owns a career consulting firm and assists job seekers with their resumes, CVs, and interview preparations. She has brought those skills to Academode as a valuable member of our team.

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Stan Roberts Stan Roberts Contact the expert

Having spent more than a decade as a career advisor tor three universities before joining our team, Stan uses his vast experience to work with clients as they make those difficult choices about graduate programs.

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Sameer Robinson Sameer Robinson Contact the expert

Sameer holds a PhD in Higher Education Administration and has used that degree to forge a career that has focused on law degree program standards and admissions. He served as the dean at a law school.

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Kyle Moore Kyle Moore Contact the expert

Kyle spent several years working as a college career counselor, work that involved using his background and years of experience to help students find jobs, internships, and assistantships.

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Stacy Williams Stacy Williams Contact the expert

Stacy has made it her mission to provide advice and counsel to law school applicants and to see them successfully settled into a program that suits their backgrounds, needs, and desires.

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Paul Cox Paul Cox Contact the expert

Paul has developed a huge database that includes information about all specifications and requirements for admissions, profiles of successful applicants, and samples of “winning” essays.

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