Read more about Academode routine which guarantees our customers will get the best results possible.

We customize our services for you based upon what you need. And you have options of packages for that help.

Before You Apply

  • We will review your profiles (test scores, transcripts, Common Application materials, etc. and prepare a list of the best prospects for admissions.
  • We will prioritize that list based on your preferences and the schools’ requirements.

During the Application Process

  • We will review all of your application materials to ensure that you have met all of the specifications of each school to which you are applying
  • While you must write your own essays, an English expert will review them and make suggestions for any structural changes
  • We will proofread your essays and correct any grammar and punctuation errors.

If You Receive Rejections

  • Your assigned consultant will review the rejection letter and compare its contents with your materials
  • Suggestions will be made for you to improve your presentation going forward.

You can count on us to assign the perfect consultants and reviewers based upon the colleges to which you are applying, the specifications you must meet, and that your documents are perfectly polished.