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  • Do You Work With Ivy League Applicants?

    It’s a real challenge to earn acceptance into any competitive law school program. If it’s Ivy League, that challenge increases exponentially. There are so few seats and so many applicants. Worse, your competition most likely has the same excellent background that you do. This is why we work hard for Ivy League applicants. We know what it takes to get into these schools, and we are here to help you accomplish that.

  • How Much Help Will I Get with My Essay?

    Our objective is to help you identify the ideal topic, identify the traits you want to highlight, and format your essay for ideal readability and impact. Your expert will help you with each of these steps. Then, they will help you with an essay outline that you will use to create your first draft. Once that is finished, they will provide further feedback. Finally, they will give you editorial suggestions for your final draft. Just remember that your consultant will not in any way write your essay for you.

  • What Is the Difference between Hourly and Flat-Rate Packages?

    The hourly rate package for potential law students is perfect for you if you have much of your application finished and only need help with a few select items. You simply choose the tasks you want us to complete, and we charge you an hourly rate for the work we do. 

    If you haven’t started on your application, or you simply want the reassurance of having an expert helping you at every step of the way, we recommend our flat-rate package. You will pay one fee upfront and get all of the help you need.

  • What Happens during My Practice Interview?

    Your consultant will call you to do a practice interview. In the interview, they will ask you the very same questions you are likely to receive when your actual law school interview takes place. The questions they select are based upon your profile information as well as the questions your school of choice has a history of presenting to applicants. Not only will they ask you questions so that you may practice your answer, they will also give you valuable advice and feedback as you go.

  • How Will You Help Me If I’ve Been Waitlisted?

    When you are placed on a waitlist, you have several options for improving your chances. You can write a letter of response to the admissions committee. You can work to improve your academic record. You can also pick up extra activities, volunteer hours, even an internship to make you look more attractive to your school. We will help you create a waitlist strategy that works best for your situation.

  • What Do I Do to Get Started?

    That’s simple. Just choose the package you want, and place your order. We will match you with a qualified consultant who will be in touch. They will send you a detailed personal profile for you to fill out. They will use this as a basis for much of the advice they give to you during this process.

  • Aren’t You a Bit Pricey?

    Please, keep in mind that by contracting our services, you are gaining access to someone who is an expert at obtaining entry into prestigious colleges and universities. More specifically, you will be working with someone who specializes in helping law students. Their advice can truly make a difference between your being accepted into your school of choice or not.

  • Do All Law Students Need Your Help?

    There have certainly been students who have navigated the law school application process themselves. However, we absolutely believe that we can help every student. We make the application process easier, explain every step involved, and provide the advice you can use along the way. We can make average students seem exceptional, and exceptional students seem amazing.


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