We work hard on your applications to become successful. Curious how we do it? Read our How we work page to learn more.

We have consultants in your field of study to provide all of the guidance you need as you go through the application process.

Before You Submit Your Applications

  • We review your entire profile and make recommendations for any initial changes you might want to make.
  • We prepare a list of prospective schools/programs based upon your credentials, background, experience, and program requirements.
  • We prioritize your prospect list based upon a match between your preferences and program admissions criteria.

During the Application Process

  • First, we evaluate all of your application materials – your resume, credentials, essays, etc. – and ensure that they are polished and ready to go to each school or program
  • An English expert will review all of your personally written pieces and make recommendations for improvement
  • Your written materials will be proofread, and any grammar or punctuation errors will be corrected.

If You Should Receive a Rejection

  • An expert will review that letter and compare the reasons with your application packet.
  • Recommendations will be made regarding how you can improve your presentation as you go forward.
  1. Provide constructive, respectful criticism.
  2. Keep the application process and timeline in perspective.


When interacting with you and with schools, vendors, and other entities, we will do our best to say what we mean and do what we say.