All the answers to the most frequent questions on one list. Check them out to make sure you know how Academode works!

  • What Is the Process If I Order a Personal Statement Package?

    Most grad school applicants have more than one essay to write as a part of their applicant packages. You can order a package for each of these, and they will include:

    as many phone/skype interviews with you as needed until your assigned consultant has all of the necessary information to create an outline for your statement/essay.

    You will receive an outline that should serve as a roadmap for your essay.

    You write the essay and return it to your consultant for review. You will receive additional recommendations for improvement.

    One of our English experts will proofread your essay and correct any grammatical errors.

  • Do I Have to Buy a Full Package?

    No. If you want to order specific services, such as a final review of a full package that you have crafted, you will be charged an hourly rate. Other hourly rate options are such things as a comparison of your credentials with admissions requirements of schools and a report of your best matches.

  • What Credentials Will Consultant Have?

    We assign a consultant based upon your field of study and their expertise in that field. You will always have a consultant who has both academic and experiential credentials to give you the best advice and recommendations.

  • What Are All Options I Have for Services?

    We have a catalog, and we urge you to look through it so that you can pick what you want. There are packages with detailed descriptions as well as the options to choose individual services on an hourly pay basis. You can also mix and match packages and individual services.

    We have set prices for our packages and hourly rates. If you choose specific services at an hourly rate, we can give you a pretty accurate estimate of the cost.

  • How to Make Payment?

    Once you have determined exactly what you want, you fill out the order form and then add that order to your cart. When you are ready to check out, you simply process the payment as you would when you purchase any other online product. 

  • Do You Write Essays?

    No, we don’t. You need to be responsible for your own writing. However, if you use the outline your consultant has created, you should do well. And don’t forget, your final essay will be proofread by an English expert, and grammatical mistakes will be repaired.

  • What is Turnaround Time?

    All of our work is guaranteed to have a two-business-day turnaround. You can also get our “Rush” package for a 30% upgrade to price, and you’ll have everything completed and sent back to you within one business day.

  • Why are You Better than Other Similar Services?

    The biggest difference between us and others is the personalized service you get. They may even write your essays for you, but they use templates, and your essay will not be unique. And they use a lot of automation in their output as well. Here, you get a personal consultant with whom you communicate directly and who will work with you personally until you are satisfied.


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