Have a look at the list of steps we take to provide customers with the best results possible.

Getting into med school is no easy feat. There are many factors, and each school has its own established criteria. Here is how our help can improve this process for you.

Before You Submit Your Application Packages

  • A medical school admissions expert will review all of your profile and applicant materials to ensure that you are presenting yourself in the most polished and effective way.
  • The review will result in a list of the best prospects – those whose admissions criteria are a match to your preferences, credentials, and background.
  • The list will be prioritized based upon your preferences and the best chances for admission.

During the Application Process

  • Your consultant will review all of your application materials and ensure that they are complete and polished.
  • An English expert will review all of your essays. Suggestions will be made for structural improvement for you to consider and take or leave.
  • Your essays and any other written material will be proofread for grammar and mechanical errors and any issues will be corrected.

You don’t want to leave anything to chance when such an important step in your ultimate career is involved.