Applying to a medical school is a complex process that is comprised of a set of subsequent stages, each requiring specific skills to be completed. As an alternative to the complex step-by-step assistance, we offer help for each stage of the admission procedure separately. Choose the element you need an eagle eye on from the list below.

Target schools review We’ll review your academic history and personal preferences, and send you a list of your ideal schools. We can also analyze the schools you’ve chosen so far.
Interview preparation We’ll hold a mock telephone interview with you to help you prepare for the real life interviews you will face. You’ll practice giving answers with the help of a professional consultant.
Essay strategy Your academic consultant will help you start your application, advise you on the structure, elements to include, and help you write a powerful conclusion.
Resume/CV We’ll take a look at your data and give tips to create a resume from scratch. Alternatively, we’ll review your current CV and give you a great feedback that you can use to polish and perfect this important document.
Letter of recommendation We’ll provide advice and insights on up to three letters of recommendation that you receive from pre-med instructors, employers, and others.
Final application review Once your application is ready, we’ll take a final look out it. We’ll let you know how well your information matches with each medical school criteria.
Document editing We will proofread and edit the elements of your application for structure, voice, grammar and formatting.
Waitlist strategy We’ll help you get through the stressful waitlist process by shoring up your application with information you need delivered by industry experts.
Rejection review Take each rejection and turn it into a tool you can use. We’ll review your application, and help you make the chances you need for the next round.