1. Hereby, visitors to the Website and Customers are officially made aware that AcadeMode may use cookies, web beacons, and other tools in the course of the Customers’ interaction with AcadeMode via any communication channel: the Website, tools, messaging system, or other means. If the Customer chooses to engage with any entity or individual acting on behalf of AcadeMode, the same rules are applied. In the following paragraphs, the Customer may get acquainted with the details on why and how AcadeMode makes use of the listed above technologies. It is hoped that this information will be of sufficient use to Customers. In case any questions are left unanswered, please contact the Support Personnel of AcadeMode.
  2. Along with this Cookie Policy, AcadeMode strongly advises its Customers to read and understand their Terms of Use. Please direct any questions or concerns at
  3. Definition of web beacons, cookies, and other related technology

When the Customer visits AcadeMode’s Website or any other website, small packets of data are downloaded to the device the Customer is using. Such packets of data provide the websites as well as AcadeMode’s Website with the ability to track the Customer’s interactions with the Website. These packets of data are generally known as “cookies” and are used to “remember” the Customer when they interact with the Website the next time. The following list presents the types of cookies AcadeMode may use.

  • Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are stored on the Customer’s device after the Customer stopped accessing the Website. These cookies are used to remember the preferences of the Customer since they include the data that is shared between different websites.
  • Session Cookies: Session cookies store the data about the Customer’s current web session. As soon as the Customer stops it, these cookies disappear.
  • Third-Party Cookies: Third-party cookies are placed on the Customer’s hard disk by the websites other than the Customer is visiting.
  • First-Party Cookies: First-party cookies are placed on the Customer’s hard disk by the website the Customer is accessing. AcadeMode uses such cookies to remember the Customer’s name or Website preferences after the Customer returns to the Website.
  • Web Beacons: Web beacons are file objects with the help of which websites distinguish returning users and collect anonymous data about the users’ behavior on these websites.
  • Other Related Technologies: Other related technologies include HTML5 and Flash cookies, file objects which are contained in the local storage, file objects shared across browser sessions, and other technologies. Such objects are not in control of certain browsers but are managed at the app or device level. By no means, AcadeMode will make use of these technologies for the purpose of storing the Customer’s information or targeted advertising.


Agreeing to the Use of Cookies

  1. Cookies are of crucial importance for the proper functioning of the Website and content on it. Therefore, to correctly interact with AcadeMode’s Website, it is strongly recommended to agree to the use of cookies, web beacons, and other related technologies. On condition that the Customer does not agree to the use of cookies, they may block them in browser settings.
  2. The Customer may be required to fill in their personal information (e.g., first name and last name, email address) on the websites that use cookies. After this information is submitted, it is saved and stored on the Customer’s computer in the cookie file for the later use. These files can be accessed either by the Customer’s computer or the web server allowing the server to deliver a web page tailored to the Customer’s preferences they have selected or filled in earlier.


Cookies and Web Beacons AcadeMode Uses

  1. AcadeMode uses cookies, web beacons, and other tools for different reasons; however, the overall aim is to provide the Customer with the proper operation of the Website and functioning of the Services. Some of these tools offer additional functionality.
  2. Web beacons and cookies are essential for providing the Customer with the full functionality of the Website, e.g. to log in to the account, checkout securely, etc. Such cookies do not gather any personal information of the Customer, but without them, some parts of the Website may not work, and AcadeMode cannot guarantee any security; therefore, the Customer should accept such cookies.
  3. Performance improvement cookies provide AcadeMode with the information on how the Customer uses the Website, and they help AcadeMode make the Website better. For example, these cookies help AcadeMode to see how Customers move around when they use the Website, whether they experience any errors. This information is useful for AcadeMode to improve the way the Website works. Denial to use performance improvement cookies may lead to errors, security malfunctions, and improper operation of the Website.
  4. First- and third-party advertising cookies are used to deliver advertised content relevant to the Customer and track the effectiveness of AcadeMode’s ad campaigns on third-party websites. These cookies are placed on AcadeMode’s Website by third-party service providers, and they collect only anonymized information with the purpose of providing the Customer with the content relevant to them.
  5. AcadeMode may also involve third parties for the services of content, tools, and other functionality provision. Web beacons, cookies, and other related technologies, which can collect information about the Customer’s device and IP address, may be placed on the Customer’s devices by these authorized parties.


The Customer reserves the right to block cookies, web beacons, and other related technologies in the settings of their browsers. For further information, please refer to the following links:

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Internet Explorer


Google Chrome

The Customer should bear in mind that blocking all of the cookies may lead to unexpected results, e.g. AcadeMode’s Website and other websites may not operate properly. In case the Customer removes cookies without blocking them, new cookies will be placed again on the Customer’s next visit to the website. For more details on how to manage cookies, the Customer is advised to refer to their specific browser instructions. If the Customer changes their decision regarding cookies, web beacons, and other technologies, they will need to remove the already placed cookies and block new ones.