Abigail Scott
Abigail Scott

Abigail’s co-workers call her the “detail queen.” And that she is. But that's not her only skill at Academode. For years, she`s worked as a program advisor at a large state university and participated on admissions committees that made those critical decisions about acceptance, rejection, and waitlisting. From this experience, she obviously needed to evaluate a huge number of application packages and to know what made a candidate successful. She brings all of this experience to our team and now works with high-school students as they seek admission to schools of their choice.

Abigail begins with reviewing each candidate’s academic records, their SAT and/or ACT scores, and their co-curricular activities. She helps them decide among the essay options they are given based upon discussions of their life events and experiences.

From this point, she provides a list of suitable schools based upon students’ desires and institutional requirements. And it continues from there. She evaluates each part of client’s applicant materials, makes suggestions for improvement, and then begins on those essays. 

Abigail understands that it can often be the details that matter – a missed answer to a single question, grammatical errors on an essay, a resume that omits key information – these are the things that can cause an application to be trashed. With an average of 30 applicants for each opening in more prestigious schools, any excuse to deny a candidate can easily become the norm. So, if you want the details right, if you understand the need for a fully polished package, you need Abigail on your side.

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My daughter Jessica has been dreaming of becoming a doctor since primary school as the whole our family are cardiologists. Now, her dream is much closer thanks to Academode. We first hesitated because of the price but then decided to order a comprehensive package which includes assistance at literally every step of the admission process. Abigail helped my daughter polish her essay (Jessica didn`t feel that confident about her writing). She also suggested a great (effective and not tiresome) strategy on how to prepare for the interview. Jess was accepted at first attempt without getting waitlisted. Also, our consultant was always supportive and friendly and easy-going. Great to know that your kid is getting the best.

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