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  • Target Schools Review
  • Essay Strategy
  • Resume/CV Services
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Waitlist Strategy
  • Document Editing
  • Rejection Review
  • Final Application Review
  • Hourly Assistance
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My GPA is really low. What are my chances to get accepted to a prestigious college? 🔥
"..It's so stressful. MIT has such competitive admission requirements.. Do you have someone to guide me through? I need to make it right."😫
I want to study in Canada. I have no idea how to choose the right school and where to start the application process.🤯

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Meet our TOP admission experts

Kim Benda Kim Benda Contact the expert

Kim Benda is an MBA graduate from a top business school. That degree is further bolstered by a Bachelor’s degree in International Business with a Minor in Interpersonal Communications.

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Jim McGuigan Jim McGuigan Contact the expert

Jim McGuigan has a Master’s degree in Business and has spent four years working as an adjunct professor at one of the most well-respected public universities in the United States.

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Karen Castello Karen Castello Contact the expert

Karen comes to us having started her career as the director of marketing at a well-known fashion retailer on the East Coast. She later entered the education profession working in New England.

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Kenneth Smith Kenneth Smith Contact the expert

Kenneth Smith started his career as a recruiter for major corporations in business, healthcare, and technology. Later, he began using his skills to help job-seeking clients with their resumes.

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Abigail Scott Abigail Scott Contact the expert

For years, Abigail`s worked as a program advisor at a large state university and participated on admissions committees that made those critical decisions about acceptance, rejection, and waitlisting.

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Sandy Murphy Sandy Murphy Contact the expert

Sandy is one of our resident interview specialists, especially for students seeking admissions to graduate and professional programs. She has spent years as a graduate school administrator for three universities.

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Dennis Harris Dennis Harris Contact the expert

Dennis is a retired law school professor who helps our aspirants with school choices and applications. He makes recommendations for programs based upon the client’s background, academic record, and test scores.

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Scott Peterson Scott Peterson Contact the expert

Some people study law. Scott studies law schools. In fact, he used to be one of our clients in good old times. Thanks to this, he is a scrupulous “go-to” advisor for any student seeking law school admission.

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Stacy Williams Stacy Williams Contact the expert

Stacy has made it her mission to provide advice and counsel to law school applicants and to see them successfully settled into a program that suits their backgrounds, needs, and desires.

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Rosalea Martin Rosalea Martin Contact the expert

Rosalea holds a PhD in English and has taught English Composition at both the community college and university levels. She assists with every type of admissions essay a student may need to craft.

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Harold Scott Harold Scott Contact the expert

Harold is a data analysis pro. He is our tech expert in residence and uses his passion for data collection and analysis to help our educational consultants provide the best assistance possible to students. 

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Allyson Parker Allyson Parker Contact the expert

Allyson Parker is a certified expert in working with college juniors and seniors as they work towards their goals of being admitted into graduate and professional programs at top universities.

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Heather Harris Heather Harris Contact the expert

Heather spent 30 years as a high-school guidance counselor. Her purpose as a business owner is to help high-school seniors and their parents as they search for the perfect college or university.

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Leon Evans Leon Evans Contact the expert

Leon currently works as an administrator at a college. Before that, he was a college instructor who also served several stints on admissions committees. He is an absolute expert in the Common Application process.

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Dennis Butler Dennis Butler Contact the expert

Dennis is one of our resident experts on the admissions requirements. He helps students narrow their lists of choices based upon their qualifications, fields of studies, and school requirements.

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Success stories

Expert: Peggy Watson Comprehensive Application Package College
Expert: Jim McGuigan Comprehensive Application Package MBA
Expert: Kendall Marks Comprehensive Application Package GRAD School
Expert: Stuart Ord Comprehensive Application Package MBA
Expert: Bruce Cook Comprehensive Application Package Medical School
Expert: Susan Moore Comprehensive Application Package Medical School
Expert: Stan Roberts Comprehensive Application Package Law School

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who works for AcadeMode?

    When you order our services, we will match you with a consultant who is best qualified to help you achieve your goals. Our consultants have all worked in various areas of academics and admissions. We have several, former admissions counselors, deans of admission and associate deans of admissions from many, competitive schools. In addition to this, several of these consultants specialize in helping students wishing to obtain post-professional degrees.

  • What services do you provide?

    We provide students with a variety of services to help them get into competitive university and graduate programs. This includes helping students create an admissions strategy, admissions essay assistance, essay editing and proofreading, waitlist services, rejection services, letters of recommendation, and more. Most importantly, students receive guidance and feedback from people who understand the admissions process.

  • Is it worth it?

    Competitive athletics and elite academics have a lot in common. In sports, the difference between first and second place can be just a fraction of a second. In academics, the difference between landing a spot at a prestigious university and receiving a letter of rejection can be something equally as small. To guarantee your success, you have to do everything right. You must stand out! We help you do that.

  • Will you write my admissions essays?

    Absolutely not. We do not do anything that would be considered unethical. You are expected to write your essay. However, your consultant will work with you on topic ideas. They will also help you to determine the experiences and character traits that you should highlight in your essay. Finally, we will help you by providing proofreading and editing assistance.

  • How do I pay?

    We have worked hard to set up payment methods that are convenient, flexible, and safe. We accept all standard methods of payment including PayPal. In addition to this, our packages provide you with the option of paying a flat rate or purchasing our services on an hourly basis. Contact us for more information on the specific assistance you require.

  • What about Ivy League?

    While we cannot guarantee admission into an Ivy League school, or other institution, we have helped many excellent students apply successfully to schools in the ivy league. We can help you with all aspects of the application process, in order to boost your chance of gaining acceptance to the most prestigious universities across the land.